Become a dolphin trainer in Roatan , Bay Islands of Honduras

Become a dolphin trainer in Roatan , Bay Islands of Honduras

Working with dolphins is a fantasy many people want to fulfill. Actually getting to know an individual animal after spending quality time with him or her can be a reality for you. This program is designed for people who have always wanted to spend time with dolphins but do not know how or where they can do it. Maybe you would like to make dolphin training a career or maybe you just want to have the most unique experience of your life. This program is built on my 15 years of experience working with dolphins. And what I have learned from them and about them.

Picture yourself on a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. The sun is shinning, the water is crystal clear and you are sitting on a dock playing with dolphins. That is what you will be doing during this five day course. You will learn how to care for the animals on many levels, from food preparation and record keeping, play sessions and training sessions. One hour lectures/discussions teach you about the anatomy, physiology, cognition and behavior of the bottlenose dolphin.

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In addition you will learn training techniques. Positive reinforcement theory and how it works. Why random interrupted reinforcement is so useful to trainers and so important for the animals. And then you get the opportunity to test it for yourself. You will give the animals signals, see the response and then reward a job well done. With the knowledge you gain session by session you will begin to see the dolphins'' individual personalities. You will see smart, silly, mischievous personalities revealing themselves to you

People always ask me how I became a dolphin trainer. It is not an easy field to enter. I was lucky to have Parents and Teachers willing to help me find a way. Anyone that would like to understand dolphins on a personal level will love this program.

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