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French women are famous worldwide as having beauty secrets. Guess what? Their beauty tips aren’t secret anymore! In this article, we’ll be focusing on what makes them so pretty and how to achieve their killer sexy look.

French women always dress to impress – but not in a exaggerate manner – they always try to look and feel appealing, attractive, seductive. Didn’t you know that French folks consider that letting yourself physically go is the expression of the fact that you can’t hold things together mentally?

We’re pretty sure you are already accustomed with this slogan; but how do French women put it into practice? They deeply believe that make-up, for instance, has the purpose to enhance a woman’s face subtly, not to hide it under just like under camouflage. For them, the term “sexy” is strictly related to a natural look. They dislike exaggeration of any kind when it comes to personal care; they aim to avoid using too much hair conditioner, too much make-up, heavy foods and the list can go on.

Apart from the physical aspects, is what’s inside that counts! So, for them, the healthiest feminine glow always comes from within; to achieve this glow, try to set some order and priorities in the inner departments. A feminine attitude grows strong roots when you put some conscious efforts in it.

Healthy Diets and Other Beauty Philosophies  

A well-balanced diet is one the French women’s philosophies. Our bodies are like temples; they are a real treasury and should be treated with great respect. They should be fueled properly and naturally, so French women stay away from unhealthy foods. They make wise decisions when it comes to themselves because the outer image is the reflection of the inner status.

In addition to eating, hydration is a highly important matter for them. Not to mention skincare, which is their manner of saying how much they care about their body and soul, as a whole.

Many people claim that some French women have messy, unkempt hair; we can’t argue that, but at least, we can add the fact that this is an attempt to look and feel natural. Their hair isn’t messy, is just slightly arranged, just as we said before, they tend to avoid exaggerations. And what other people would argue as “lack of make-up = lack of beauty” is totally not true, they are feminine especially through the fact that being beautiful and feminine comes from one’s natural look not as as an effect of heavy make-up layers or extravagant pieces of clothing.

However, French love small pleasures such as long, luxurious bubbles and oil baths; now and then it’s a smart choice to allow our senses to take a break from the daily routine and just relax, breathing pure joy.

French women simply know how to choose a bold haircut, the best champagne with the most elegant, well-balanced taste and divine perfumes. But still, don’t forget: what grows on the inside is displayed in your look!, French women know it best.

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