Generic Reductil (Meridia / Sibutramine) Review

Generic Reductil (Meridia / Sibutramine) Review

Is Meridia / Reductil / Sibutramine a Scam?

No complaints are found on consumer complaints websites, and no complaints are found in various web forums other than that some consumers have experienced side effects.


-Most if not all consumers comments indicate Reductil to be an effective pill in aiding in weight loss. The high success rate means that it will probably work for you in particular.

-You get 5% discounts on all return orders (i.e. 2nd order and thereafter).


Although most if not all consumers have reported success with Reductil, Some people have experience side effects as listed below.

Side Effects of Meridia / Reductil / Sibutramine:

Consumers have experienced depression and/or high blood pressure. Please consult your personal physician before using this product.

Also, the merchant website lists the following side effects: dry mouth, constipation and insomnia, and others (please refer to merchant site for other side effects).

Please consult your doctor before using this product.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“The only diet pill I have tried and works is Reductil. I lost a lot of weight taking it.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Yahoo Answers

“Today is my second day on reductil 15mg and it cut my appetite and i’m eating less.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Yahoo Answers

“I have been on it for 6 weeks and have lost 15 pounds!” — Actual Consumer Comments from ObesityDiscussion[dot]com

“I have been on it 5 weeks and really pleased as I have lost exactly 1 stone!” — Actual Consumer Comments from ObesityDiscussion[dot]com

“the reductil has helped me lose 6 lbs in 4 weeks, but has raised by blood pressure to 78bpm which is dangerous so have been told to stop taking it.” -Actual Consumer Comments from

“i have lost 1.5 pounds less then a week of being on them yahoooo” Actual Consumer Comments from

Merchant / Manufacturer:

BestGenericDrugs[dot]net by AFB International Ltd


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Customer Support:

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