Kids can give Advice for Parents National Health Information

Kids can give Advice for Parents  National Health Information

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Kids can give Advice for Parents

When the older generation was growing up, they never dared to question their parents about anything. To do so meant that you would incur the wrath of your mother or father and back then there was no compunction to not hit a child. Corporal punishment was liberally dished out by angry and frustrated parents when a wayward child became impossible to control. Talking to your child was not an option. Parents did not converse with their children. They talked at them and told them what to do. Orders were given and suggestions and advice for parents was not generally sought. To do so would have been tantamount to spoiling the child and that type of thing was just not tolerated in decent society.

Today’s children however have solid opinions on just about any and all subjects that can come up and they have absolutely no compunction in telling everyone about them. Giving advice for parents is just one of the ways that they give voice to this newfound freedom of speech. What was unthinkable just thirty years ago is commonplace today. Backtalk is not just given, but given frequently. In fact, many families consider this type of attitude normal and healthy. Today’s parents want to be more than mother and father figures to their children, they want to be their kids BFF (best friends forever) and this concept is not only ludicrous, it is also dangerous and unhealthy.

The main reason kids should not give advice for parents is that they don’t know anything. That is right, kids know nothing. They have experienced nothing, they have gone through nothing in their short lives, they have had everything handed to them, and they know zero about how to handle and run their own lives, much less those of anyone else. Children these days are not only intolerably spoiled, they are conceited and in many ways malevolent. I hear people say all the time that children are born good and innocent but I believe that in fact the opposite is true. Kids are born evil and you have to teach them to be good. If you don’t believe me just go to any playground sandlot and watch the smaller kids fight tooth and nail for every little thing. They will bite and scratch and claw other kids unless their parents teach them not to.

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In much the same way kids giving advice for parents is flawed reasoning parents not giving advice to their children about important issues like drug use, personal hygiene and even sex education is flat out wrong. It is the responsibility and duty of all parents to raise their children by giving them good role models and teaching them core values and standards of ethical behavior. We teach our children not to be criminals and show them the possible consequences of bad behavior. Without punishment, whether corporal punishment or something as tame and ineffective as a time-out, kids will never learn and they will never assimilate well into conforming society and that is the ultimate tragedy.

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