Men Have More Delicate Skin Than Women! – Natural Men’s Skincare…

Men Have More Delicate Skin Than Women! – Natural Men’s Skincare…

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Chrissy Birdsall

It’s a fact. Men’s skin is more delicate than women’s.

Yep, you heard right! The daily shaving ritual aggravates the skin, destroying the hydrolytic film on the skin’s surface, thereby increasing dryness and reducing the skin’s natural protection. What’s more, men – especially outdoor men – tend to expose their skin to a torturous array of damaging conditions including sun, wind, water, salt, building products, chemicals, cuts, scratches, and grazes.

It’s no wonder, then, that the man of today is more concerned about his skin than ever before. Like his level of fitness and health, his apparel, and his grooming, a man’s skin says a lot about him. Unfortunately, this new-found awareness is leading some men to the conclusion that they should be using their wives’ skincare products. This is a mistake! A man’s skin is different to a woman’s, so it needs to be treated differently.

Why is men’s skin different to women’s?
Before we can talk about how natural men’s skincare caters to men’s unique needs, we need to understand what those needs are. Why is men’s skin different to women’s skin? There are four main differences between men’s skin and women’s skin:

• Men have thicker skin (although many women would beg to differ)
• Men have oilier skin
• Men have more delicate skin
• Men’s skin has smaller sebaceous glands

Why natural men’s skincare?
There’s little point using a skincare product which is made for a woman’s skin. Quality-made natural men’s skincare addresses the differences between men’s skin and women’s skin (without turning skincare into a tedious, never-ending chore).

A quality men’s facial scrub is formulated to combat the drying effect of shaving while at the same time exfoliating and replenishing the skin’s natural defenses. A men’s soap contains specially selected oils and organic ingredients which not only cleanse but which also accelerate healing. Men’s shaving supplements leave the face feeling fresh and moist, not dry and aggravated. And of course, men’s all-in-one face and eye moisturizers provide convenient yet dynamic skin rejuvenation while simultaneously minimizing the damaging effects of excess sunlight.

Quality natural men’s skincare doesn’t contain chemicals which strip out the skin’s natural moisture. It doesn’t contain petrochemicals, sulphates, and chemical preservatives which can have an hormonal impact. It doesn’t contain artificial fragrances and parabens. In fact, quality natural men’s skincare contains only pure and organic ingredients. It consists of a blend of essential oils, vitamin extracts, spices, beeswax, and pure oils which is tailored to the specific needs of a man’s skin and a man’s environment and lifestyle.

As a result, a quality natural men’s skincare range can make a man’s skin feel less irritated, dry, and itchy. It can maximize the skin’s elasticity, and enhance the complexion. Perhaps most importantly, it can make it far more pleasant to a woman’s touch…

As it turns out, men need skincare just as much as women, maybe even more. Their skin is more delicate and it is continually exposed to damaging conditions. But because a man’s skin is thicker and oilier and has smaller sebaceous glands, it needs a tailor-made skincare range. So when it comes to skincare don’t settle for second best. A man’s skin needs a natural men’s skincare range – a range which reduces dryness and irritation, replenishes natural defenses, enhances skin rejuvenation, and makes his skin all the more touchable…

About the Author

Chrissy Birdsall is a renowned beauty and skincare authority, with over 40 years industry experience. Her boutique skincare business, Purestuf, features a natural men’s skincare range Purestuf Warrior which is available for purchase online at or by contacting Sydney Australia +612 9909 3222 or

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