Screening Day at Fish and Wildlife - Keizer, OR

Screening Day at Fish and Wildlife - Keizer, OR
Screening Tests & Services Included in
the Event
Cost / Duration / # of Stations / Appointment
Carotid Artery Scan : YesSCHEDULE An ultra sound test that visualizes the neck arteries for the build up of plaque, and measures blood flow velocity. This test is used to aid in the detection of a possible stroke, heart attack, or poor eating habits. Most isurance''s will not cover the cost of this $700 test when done at the doctor''s office, UNLESS you have already had a stroke / $30.00 / 10 minutes testing time /bare neck required / appointment required
Full Lipid Cholesterol/Glucose Blood Screening (fasting): YesSCHEDULE Adults should be tested once every five years or more frequently if being treated for high cholesterol or have one or more risk factors for heart disease. Children and adolescents with risk factors should also have their cholesterol level checked. Full Lipid Cholesterol Panel includes: LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and ratio. Glucose testing is for Diabetes / $25 / fingerstick methods available / 5 minute testing time / fasting required / appointment required
Health Risk Assessment/EIS Scan: YesSCHEDULE This scan normally runs $250 at the doctor’s office, ONLY $25 today at the health fair.This test measures the interstitial fluid to show the connectivity between your systems. The EIS monitors the effect of medications on your body, indicates main risks, pH balance, hormone levels, BMI, fat mass/muscle mass, nutritional deficiencies, recommended/non recommended foods, organ imbalances, and evaluates the functionality of each organ. You will receive a summary report, with a recommended diet plan included. Testing takes only a few minutes, but plan for a few extra minutes to go over your results / 15 minute session / appointment required.

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