The Trans Fat Ban

The Trans Fat Ban

The FDA recently announced it was finally banning trans fats. Great. Some are all up in arms. But I think this is a sign that people are starting to wisen to the unsafe food practices that many large corporations continue to push. But the general public is begin to get wiser to the concept of what healthy truly is. There is so much crap in our food supply that this is just the start. The tip of the iceberg. And hopefully it begins a larger movement towards removing all of the chemicals that continue to poison us from our national food supply.

“The FDA announced plans to take trans fats off its list of GRAS, or generally recognized as safe, foods. To some, like the New York Post with its “FAT-WAH” cover headline, this is a vicious new outcropping of nanny state-ism and an intrusive, sudden national ban that will sweep dozens of treasured foods off supermarket shelves. To the people who have been following this for the years it’s been in the making, like Marion Nestle, it’s closing an important loophole: that manufacturers could put “zero trans fat” on the label of a food that contained less than 0.5 grams of trans fats per serving. Taking trans fats off the GRAS list won’t remove them from the food supply. Manufacturers can still petition the FDA for exceptions. But it goes a long way toward getting them out.” ~ source

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