Want to Clear Breakouts? Then Reduce the Sebum on your Skin

Want to Clear Breakouts? Then Reduce the Sebum on your Skin

What Exactly is Sebum?

Also known as natural skin oil, Sebum is the substance released to our skin by our sebaceous glands.It’s made up of cholesterol and other fatty acids from our body and diet. It is also the cause of body odor.The natural skin oil is need by our body to maintain healthy glowing skin, for protection from bacteria and other small particles in our environment, and also to keep our skin feeling elastic.The trouble begins when someone has to much sebum, it can cause several troubles with your skin.

What are some of the Issue Excess Sebum might Cause?

One of the most common negative results of excessive Sebum production is acne.Over time as excess sebum builds up you will begin to develop clogged pores on your face.Sebum gets the skin via hair follicles, once it reaches the surface it then mixes with dead skin cells found in follicles and pores.Besides acne having to much sebum is also a major cause of hair loss in men.Sebum that is extracted onto the scalp eventually clogs hair follicles, which will reduce each follicles ability to grow new hair over time (for more information on treating sebum clogging hair follicles on the scalp check out this Nisim review). Finally, excessive Sebum production can cause some individuals to have a strong, unpleasant body odor despite regular bathing and use of deodorant.

How Can Sebum Be Reduced?

Individuals who suffer from excessive Sebum can follow a few simple steps to reduce the related effects. First, changing one’s diet to reduce fat intake and increase fresh, raw vegetables will help by reducing the amount of fatty acids available to make Sebum.Frequent showering and scrubbing with an abrasive surface such as a natural loofa will reduce the dead skin cells on your body. Combine that with a quality natural body wash and you’ll improve body odor and cut down on Sebum.If you have trouble with acne due to excess sebum then a good quality acne treatment regime can cut down on the amount of natural oil on your face.

What is a Good Acne Treatment Product?

A good choice in acne treatments is Exposed Skincare. Their acne treatment program targets impurities on the skin and in pores to reduce sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. You can read more about their product in this Exposed acne treatment review.The treatment system developed by Exposed targets access sebum on the skin. It’s blend of medical and natural ingredients clear dirt and oil away from the pores to leave it feeling and looking great.

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