What is a Best Joint Supplement? Joint Health and Young Skin

What is a Best Joint Supplement?  Joint Health and Young Skin

An inside-out approach to health and beauty.

What is a Best Joint Supplement?

What does it mean when it says the best joint supplement? Is it safe? Does it support joints and bones? Is it free from allergens? These questions are vital to determine that it is indeed the best and Liquid Biocell Life has all the answers and more. Our joints and bones should be strong throughout our lives, in order to maintain an active lifestyle. The decreasing mobility and discomfort are end results of years and years of wear and tear, damage, and even conditions. To enhance bone and joint health, we need a supplement like Liquid Biocell Life. It can help increase joint mobility. It can also restore damaged joints and maintain its health. The 100% bio-availability makes it highly effective because the nutrients are fully absorbed by the body and nothing goes to waste.

The secret behind the phenomenal success is the multi-patented Liquid Biocell. It has 7 U.S. and international patents, which bolster its unlimited capacity to provide health benefits. In order to determine its efficacy, the Liquid Biocell went through 37 clinical trials plus double blind placebo tests that produced dramatic results. Each ingredient underwent meticulous study and trials of at least 15 years, to ensure that it is safe. In 2013, Liquid Biocell Life was awarded the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certification by the FDA. The supplement also gained the respect of many independent research firms. In 2000 and 2001, it was awarded as the Best Bone and Joint ingredients by Sullivan and Frost, The largest research firm in the U.S. that was two years in a row. Even now it is still the best supplements joint pain in the market. No other product can even come close to what this supplement can offer

Let us first discuss the main ingredient, Liquid Biocell collagen. This is actually a combination of three separate components, not ingredients. It comprises of hyaluronic acid (HA), chondroitin sulfate (CS) and collagen. It is derived from the sternum cartilage of a chicken. It is the only source in the world that the body is able to recognize and digest and is able to provide the best benefits. Here are the best benefits of Biocell Collagen:

1. Helps restore collagen reserves in the body.

2. The best collagen replacement. Aging body may produce lesser collagen and the result is sagging skin, wrinkles, and poor joint and bone health.

3. Chondroitin sulfate helps lubricate the joints to increase mobility and reduce wear and tear.

4. Hyaluronic acid also helps improve joint and skin health. It helps moisturize the skin; helps restore joint mobility, and remove fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

4. Hydrolyzed collagen not only helps replace the reduced collagen in the body but also stimulates cells in the body to produce other collagen types.

6. The three components also have great effects on the skin. First, it plumps up the skin, getting rid of wrinkles, and promotes deep and lasting moisturizing benefits to reduce sagging and fine lines.

7. Helps protect the skin from photo aging and also promote good skin tone by maintaining the melanin content in the skin.

These are just some of the few examples of what the supplement can provide both pharmaceutically and nutraceutical. The supplements can help restore knee cartilage and promote over all joint and bone structure.

The three major components of Biocell collagen are in liquid form, which is the first of its kind. There are supplements that come in powder that you need to dilute with water or in pill form. However, tests show that only a small portion of the nutrients are actually absorbed by the body and the rest goes to waste. BioCell’s Bio Optimization technology allows the molecules to be broken up into smaller molecules, so that the nutrients are readily available. This means that 100% of the components are absorbed by the body and so quickly that it goes into action the minute is has been absorbed. The components go directly into the joints and skin or any parts of the body where it is needed the most. It also means that when the nutrients are 100 percent bio available, the effects are almost instantaneous and it only takes a fraction of the time to gain results.

Therefore, low molecular weight HA, hydrolyzed collagen, and CS in liquid form has three major benefits. First, it has higher efficacy rate than powered form. Secondly, it has the capability to be absorbed by the body quicker and completely. Lastly, assimilation and absorption starts right from the mouth. Moreover, smaller molecules mean the body does not have to break it down for the body to absorb. In fact, swirling the supplement around in your mouth allows the molecules to be absorbed from there. The direct nutrient delivery does not necessarily mean it has to go through the digestive system. That means natural cartilage regeneration is quicker. How cool is that?

Chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and collagen makes up a complete fortification for your joints, bones, and skin, not to mention hair, gums, and eyes. Let us say that collagen is the building blocks or bricks. Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate act as mortar to make the cells stronger. In other words, in order to have sound joint and skin health, you need these three components. While you joint and bone health restores, your skin takes on a healthy glow.

Besides having the Biocell collagen as a major component, you also have resveratrol derived from grape seeds is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect you from oxidative stress. People of all age can benefit from this amazing product. Athletes, the elderly and even teenagers can now experience total bone, skin, and joint restoration in just a few weeks. Lastly, taking this supplement is the best way to prevent joint discomfort, as a pre and post work out supplement, and a great way to maintain healthy bones and joints.


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