Wood bamboo blinds sustainable

Wood bamboo blinds sustainable

One of the biggest trend this year in terms of window treatments is the use of wood bamboo blinds. Sustainable living has been in vogue for quite some time now and this trend is a continuation of that. In this post, I will touch a bit on the benefits of wood bamboo blinds and how to buy them.

Bamboo is a very good material for making into various forms of blinds including bamboo patio blinds and bamboo roman blinds. They are an eco friendly material, being able to be replenish quite easily and doesn’t need much chemical treatment to be able to use. Bamboo plant itself can absorb more carbon dioxide than other tress and are also able to prevent soil erosion. Hence, for the environmentally conscious, buying bamboo products is a great choice.

Bamboo blinds comes in a variety of sizes. The typical range is about 9 ft or 6 ft. If you have big windows, there is large bamboo blinds as well but in terms of design, you will not have so much choices. This is because the demand is not sufficient huge for large size blinds to manufacture that many choices.

For home decor purposes, there are colored bamboo blinds that you can consider. The most common color you see is the brown type, which is their natural color. However, due to modern day processing, you now enjoy different colors such as white, black and blue. I would say among these, white bamboo blinds are the hot alternative to brown. The color white can fit into any decor and is perfect color for the modern contemporary home who desires a bit of nature’s touch to their house.

When it comes to buying the blinds, I recommend to go online where you can get cheaper and discounted bamboo blinds. Online shopping sites have the additional benefit of not owning physical stores like what Walmart and Ikea does so they can pass these costs to you in terms of lower prices. If you are looking to get a really good deal, do take some effort to search and browse online.

If you need some tips on how to buy bamboo blinds online, here are a couple of guidelines. One, the site must be well designed. By that, I mean the customers should be able to navigate easily the different product categories. Prices and images of the products should also be upfront so that users can have a better on what they are buying. If these things in place, it tells you the company is not interested in serving online customers which means you shouldn’t bother either. Second, the site offer offer good return and warrant policies. Stores that do so have much more credibility and you need not worry about getting a defective or unwanted product. Finally, stores should have excellent customers service. They should answer to your questions promptly and sites like Amazon even offer tracking features so that you know exactly where your purchased products will be delivered.

In terms of brands, the more popular ones are from faux and matchstick. Faux bamboo blinds in general have good quality bamboo that are cut off China. They also offer good policies on their products that you can count on. Similarly, matchstick blinds are also well made and durable as they used quality materials.

On the final note, bamboo binds are good choices if you want to have more wood materials in your decor. Among the different wood types, bamboo is definitely more sustainable as they can be grown in various locations including areas with poor soil quality and bad weather conditions.

I hope you like this post on wood bamboo blinds sustainable.