south beach diet meal

south beach diet meal

south beach diet meal

Nicole Getting Diet Help?

The endless speculation over Nicole Richie''s conspicuous lack of weight continues unabated. But if the photographic evidence is any indication, the "Simple Life"-er is, as she told the world last week, trying to do something about it, as she visited a clinic whose founding doctor specializes in dietary health.Richie was spotted walking into the DeOrio Wellness Medical Center in Santa Monica on Friday, hoisting a massive white bag to her face to shield herself. The holistically-focused DeOrio clinic bills itself as a facility that helps patients "renew and unleash the inherent vitality found in each person and ... achieve the proper balance of mind, body, and spirit." Given this rather broad portfolio, Richie could''ve had an appointment for just about anything, and DeOrio staff were not available to confirm Richie''s visit or the reason for it.

Probable Mechanism Behind Atkins Diet Revealed

London, England (AHN) - Researchers have found the mechanism underlying the low-carbs, high protein Atkins diet. They found that consuming a high protein diet, in fact, can produce a hunger-suppressing hormone. The study says that eating protein is a good way of not only for losing weight but also for keeping it in check.

The experiment was done on mice, put on a high-protein diet; with the results indicating that these mice produced more of an appetite-regulating protein known as peptide YY or PYY. This protein has been shown to be associated with decreased appetite in human subjects.

Lead researcher, Rachel Batterham from the University College of London, said that the research supports the theory that eating more protein may reduce appetite and lead to sustained weight loss.

Right diet can save the world

When given the choice between chowing down and saving the world, why not do both? Choosing yummy products that benefit the planet and humanity means you can put your money where your mouth is going to be anyway.

Organic Peace Cereal donates 10 percent of its profits to peace-building organizations like Action Against Hunger. One percent of profits from Nature''s Path Envirokidz cereals goes to wildlife conservation groups such as Wildlife Trust. Barbara''s Bakery donates proceeds from its Organic Wild Puffs to the National Wildlife Refuge Association.

What kind of milk do you want with that? Both Horizon organic and Silk soy sponsor Farm Aid, supporting America''s small farms. And 8th Continent donates 50 cents to WomenHeart for every Red Dress soy milk lid you mail in.

Study: Diet Drug Xenical (Orlistat) Helps Obese Teens and Preteens ...

The prescription diet drug Xenical (orlistat) can safely help obese adolescents lose weight, according to a report by Canadian researchers presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Sydney, Australia.

In their study of obese adolescents aged 12-16 years, the researchers said the teens and preteens on Xenical for one year lost on average just over five pounds, compared to less than a pound for those taking a placebo. Moreover, they said some adolescents responded more quickly than others to treatment with Xenical, and these obese teens and preteens lost on average more than 16 pounds and reduced their BMI by 3.7. "The significant benefits seen in adolescents who respond early also provide a useful predictor for long-term treatment success," said Professor Jean-Pierre Chanoine, head of the Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit at British Columbia Children''s Hospital in Vancouver.

Death-crash Paul ‘drank Diet Coke’

A KEY new witness has come forward to confirm that the chauffeur who drove Princess Diana to her death "drank nothing but Diet Coke and the odd beer".

The Daily Express can reveal that 41-year-old Henri Paul, pictured, had started going out with a 25-year-old French-Moroccan girlfriend three weeks before the tragedy.

She has told police: "He was by no means an alcoholic but a decent man who solely enjoyed a social drink like everyone else."

The revelation follows a decision by French legal authorities to reinvestigate the circumstances surrounding Dianas death after new doubts emerged over blood tests carried out on Paul.

An original French inquiry concluded that he was high on a lethal cocktail of drink and prescription drugs when he drove a Mercedes into the wall of a Paris underpass, killing himself, Diana, and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed.

Losing Weight on a Lower-Carb Diet

People taking medications to control blood glucose should always consult with their physician before making any dietary changes. The advice and opinions of this author are not intended as medical advice. Please check with your own personal medical practitioner before initiating or changing treatment for any condition.