24% off Pampers Cruiser Diapers

24% off Pampers Cruiser Diapers


Pamper via Amazon Subscripton Rocks!

No doubt Pampers are the best, but ordering via Amazon Subscription is the best. Great price and you don''t have to shop for diapers or run out. They show up at your door. What could be better.

Love Pampers

I have tried other diaper brands, but really like the protection of the pampers diapers. I will only buy pampers diapers now.

Pampers Cruisers Size 7 Diapers

has anyone used pampers cruisers diapers and had this problem?

i bought 2 boxes of pampers cruisers about half the boxes of diapers the left side of the tab ripped of and thjey had holes in them anyone else have this problem?

A: Return the 1/2 used box...ask to speak to the manager if the clerk can not help you. Or, see if there is a phone number on the box and call Pampers directly.
Have you tried Target generic...

Money Saving Mom: Amazon.com: Seventh Generation diapers $5.85 per ...

by Crystal Paine

If you are having trouble getting the $4 you need to go to the "your coupon book" link and choose the $4 coupon. Once you click the link for the size diapers you want the "coupon book" will be on that page. I have slightly modified instructions on my blog if it helps... http://thriftyjenny.blogspot.com/2009/10/cheap-seventh-generation-diapers.html I was able to figure it out from the Swag Grabber link in Money Saving Mom''s OP. I hope this helps!

This comes out to be around $0.16 per diaper on size 3 diapers, which is $0.02 more than I typically pay for Luvs w/ a coupon BUT if you have Swagbucks gift cards, applying on 1 gift card ($5 off) brings the cost per diaper to $0.135. I''m not picky about my diapers-- just as long as they aren''t store brand, but I do really like 7th Gen so it will be nice to have an "upgrade" for a couple weeks.

Oh, and some folks were saying their prices were higher by a couple $$. The price Crystal listed was for diapers. The training pants are $3 more per pack. So if you purchased training pants your total would be around $26-$27.

Thanks Crystal!!!

Liz, I love these diapers. We switched to them for baby #4 because she has a latex allergy. She wore them from age 3months until trained. Never a leak, never an off odor, nothing. They are "ugly" as in just a nude color. (no charactures or anything) but they hold up really nice. In my opinion they are just as nice as a pamper or huggies. If it helps, we are due in January and I used my amazon account and my husbands amazon account to order two orders. I am super excited (as at toys are us they are $13 a pack and our grocery carries them in their natural section for $17 a pack).

fantastic deal!! thanks Crystal!! I was running out of diapers, my kroger coupons wouldn''t print and I was thinking I was going to be stuck paying full price for diapers its not as cheap as a wags or cvs deal, but good enough for these 7th gen. diapers. I had no problems clicking through and using the codes to get all the money off. can you do this deal more than once I wonder?

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