Best Treatment for Eczema- Drugs and Limitations

Best Treatment for Eczema- Drugs and Limitations

Eczema is a type of inflammation of skin and the most common is the atopic dermatitis. Eczema generally affects infants and people above 85 years of age. Person infected with Eczema often have the family history of allergic conditions as asthma or hay fever. It is generally not contagious and found that members of same family are not affected. Eczema causes dry, reddened skin that itches or burning sensation and appearance, severity varies from person to person. The best treatment for Eczema should protect the skin from itching, worsening of condition and itching. Treatment involves change in lifestyle and also the use of medications.

The best treatment for Eczema always depends on individual’s age, total health status and also the severity of the condition. Applying creams or ointments over the skin to hydrate is one of the treatments. The step in treatment is to avoid over bathing. It is advised to use emollient creams as petrolatum to body immediately after having bath with lukewarm water to seal in moisture while the body is in wet condition.

Changes of lifestyle are necessary and it involves mainly preventing the style which triggers the condition of the disease. Corticosteroid creams are recommended to decrease inflammation on the skin. Depending upon the severity of the disease and persons health the cream dosage varies from mild, medium or high potency corticosteroid creams. Oral Antihistamines are used if itching is severe. Sedative type of antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, hydroxyzine are found to be effective in curing the severity of the disease.

Some times short course of oral corticosteroids as prednisone is recommended by physicians to control the condition, as long term sometime cause harmful side effects in some patients. Oral immunosuppressant drugs such as cyclosporines are used to treat some cases of eczema.

In severe condition, ultraviolet light therapy is the best treatment for Eczema. Two topical creams or medications have been approved by U.S FDA which includes tacrolimus (protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel) are released in to the market for the treatment of Eczema. These belong to the class of immunosuppressant drugs popularly known as calcineurin inhibitors and these drugs are advised to use as second-line therapy for cases of patients those are unresponsive to other forms of treatments and these are advised to use for limited period of time just to control the symptoms. These drugs are recommended by doctors to the patients who are compromised with their immune systems and not for all the patients having the conditions.

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