Florida Medicaid Eligibility: Determining Eligibility for Medicaid in the State of Florida

Florida Medicaid Eligibility: Determining Eligibility for Medicaid in the State of Florida

Article by Jackie Jones

Medicaid is a federal assistance program which is regulated by the states for the benefit of qualified persons. In Florida, one must satisfy specific criteria prior to obtaining any benefits. There also is a program termed the Institutional Care Program, or ICP, which applies to people needing nursing home care. Under the terms of the ICP, a person qualified for Medicaid may obtain assistance with the costs of nursing home care. For those living on a set income, this program can be a lifesaver as the costs associated with nursing home care can be very high.

Whether or not one is eligible for Florida Medicaid is dictated by either The Department of Children and Families or the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration administrates cases for those who are greater than sixty-five years of age and who need the above-described nursing home care. The Department of Children and Families is concerned with the eligibility of pregnant women, low income families with children, disabled or elderly persons who do not receive SSI payments, and aliens who need emergency medical treatment.

Medicaid benefits include a majority of inpatient and outpatient doctor or hospital visits, specific kinds of medical equipment, specified diagnostic and preventative tests, prescription medicines, and surgeries. On some occasions, the patient must remit a minimal co-payment at the time of service, ranging from an estimated average of to . If you are unclear on your possible coverage under Medicaid in the State of Florida, you need to contact your local Department of Social Services. It is here also where you would make application for the coverage and have a caseworker assigned to assist you.

In the event that your income is determined to be outside the upper limit to qualify for Medicaid, it is possible that you may qualify for the Medically Needy program. In this program, individuals must be subject to a certain amount of monthly medical costs before consideration for approval is granted. The criteria for qualification and the coverage amount are dependent upon the size of one’s household and income together with the amount of medical expenses incurred. For more information about this and additional programs for which you may qualify, utilize the Department of Social Services in your local area.

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