Stress-busting techniques for cancer patients

Stress-busting techniques for cancer patients

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The cancer treatment process is often both emotionally and physically taxing, as the patient is introduced to a completely new way of living.

There can be no denying that being diagnosed with the condition and having to incorporate certain limitations into a lifestyle proves extremely stressful after time, but being overwhelmed with negative thoughts during the healing process is not be helpful for the sufferer.

If you''re preparing to get treatment for cancer, basic stress-reducing techniques can act as a complement to treatments such as radiotherapy for cancer. You should work the following into your plan to compliment the service offered by treatment consultants, all in the aid of maximising your chances of a swift recovery. See what these fives points can do to make the journey a little less strenuous.

Concentrating on your breathing pattern can be quite alarming, but setting it on the right path will do wonders for your nervous system. Most of us will go a whole day subconsciously breathing with a shallow chest, which engages a part of the system that activities stress. You should breathe through your nose, bringing the air all the way to your upper torso, before slowly squeezing all the air out, pushing your belly button out in the process. Exercise this method in patterns of 10 whenever your stress levels increase.

Whatever you limitations are, getting outside and exercising will pay dividends in the long run. Set an achievable goal for your mini-workout, remembering that you''re not looking to lose weight. Maybe choose a partner to walk with you for 15 minutes each day. Whatever gets you going, just make sure you''re not couped up inside all day. This will wreak havoc on your mental state.

Many cancer patients come out of their treatment fully healed, their next steps in life fully thought out. This is because they''ve been longing for the day that they can finally make progress with their lifelong ambitions and make the most of the years they still have. You''ve been granted with a wake-up call, use it to rejuvenate your hunger to succeed and identify exactly what you want from life. More often than not, looking to the future will get you through a tough day.

Everyone has their own happy place or paradise - somewhere they can jet off to when their mind is elsewhere. Practice visualising a far away land, or just focusing on a peaceful scenario that you can enjoy. It''s likely that you''ll be required to take a little more rest than usual during your therapy, so use the time to shut your eyes and escape. There''s every chance that this may also help you to relax when you go to sleep. A necessity, therefore.

Use food for thought

Using the dietary recommendations provided by your doctor, always attempt to reach the recommended amount for food intake, even if it feels like a struggle on occasion. A good plan should incorporate vital nutrients like protein, along with vitamins A and D, with fatty foods taking a backseat. Food has a habit of affecting everything, from emotions to energy. The same goes for water. A little more hydration and organic food will never go amiss.

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