Dermalin APg Penetrating Gel

Dermalin APg Penetrating Gel

Emulsifies Fat On Contact
Dissolves Deep-Stored Body Fat
Wherever Applied.

It was October, 1993 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than 400 of the world''s foremost weight loss scientists gathered to discuss the latest research at the annual meeting of the prestigious North American Association for the Study of Obesity.

Ordinarily not too many people outside this elite group of experts would have cared. But then something extraordinary happened. The results of a double-blind clinical trial were made public for the first time — a topically applied compound that could actually penetrate the skin and shrink a woman''s thigh.

Because the paper was being presented by two of this country''s most respected scientists, even the most skeptical attendees were in a hurry to get their hands on a sample of the active substance. And for good reason — the results of the study were undeniable.

The very next day headlines around the world screamed: "Researchers Discover Thigh-Shrinking Compound." News reports of a "Fat Loss Compound That Really Works!" and a "Miracle Substance That Melts Stubborn Fat On Contact!" filled the airwaves. No less than the famed Washington Post dubbed it "The Dream Cream."

Frankly, this is where the real story begins. As with so many new discoveries, the most efficient dosage level and optimal delivery mechanism had yet to be determined. In other words, in 1993, scientists had discovered a new fat-dissolving agent, but didn''t have a stable or effective base formula to make it work quickly on all parts of the body. In fact, that would take another seven years to perfect.

But that didn''t stop the knockoff artists from crawling out of the woodwork. By early 1994, there were scores of advertisements for so-called "cellulite" creams. Thousands of women flocked to cosmetic counters, plunking down millions, only to be disappointed. So-called cellulite creams became a joke.

Fast-Forward Seven Years...
"To call our formula a ''cellulite'' cream is a misnomer," says Klein-Becker''s Dr. Mowrey. "Dermalin-APg''s™ unique transdermal gel formulation releases fat stores from any problem area. When the fat is released from the back of a woman''s thigh, the dimpled appearance disappears because tension on the connective tissue is reduced as stored ''depot'' fat is released. However, when the gel is applied to the tummy, waist or hips, a dramatic reduction of stored body fat occurs, even though cellulite isn''t an issue."

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Finally The Body You Deserve.

The Miracle of Dermalin-APg™
Dermalin-APg™ permits you to spot reduce. Put Dermalin-APg™ on your thigh, it goes to work directly on your thigh. Over thirty and getting thick around the middle? Just apply Dermalin-APg''s™ transdermal gel to your waist or tummy and watch them shrink in size within a matter of days. You can even apply Dermalin-APg™ to your double chin. Wherever you''ve got those unsightly lumps and bumps, apply Dermalin-APg™ and they''re gone.
So What''s The Catch?
There are two. While Dermalin-APg™ forces the fat out of adipose tissue cells and into the bloodstream to be used as energy, the fat doesn''t just disappear. You have to help by increasing physical activity or decreasing caloric intake so the fat isn''t redeposited.

Secondly, you can''t rub Dermalin-APg™ all over your body at the same time. There is simply no way for your body to utilize all the newly released fat. Therefore, as one member of the original research team suggests, “choose your most problematic area first ... use the product until you get the desired results, then move on, one problem area at a time, until you''ve literally melted the fat and molded your body to a more pleasing shape.” We wholeheartedly agree.