Heart Expert

Heart Expert
William Wilson, MD, Fort Wayne Cardiology
At the Parkview Heart Institute, you might be offered treatment options only available a few places in the world. The institute works closely with the Parkview Research Center, the area’s only hospital-based clinical research facility. Past medical advancements through research include implantable cardioverter defibrillators, carotid artery stenting, and drugs used to treat chest pain, heart attack, heart failure, high cholesterol, and stroke.
Starting from the perspective of the patient, the Parkview Heart Institute reflects the next generation in cardiac care facilities. Parkview has implemented a new design that incorporates world-class cardiac care in a welcoming, patient-focused environment.

Taking a leap forward past traditional heart hospitals, the new Parkview Heart Institute provides patients, families and physicians with a whole new experience in cardiovascular care by making treatment more comfortable and convenient and improving patient outcomes.

From simple 15-minute electrocardiograms to complex carotid stenting procedures, Parkview Heart Institute offers a broad range of cardiac care to the region. Services available include:

• Screenings, wellness services and education programming
• Research education
• Heart catheterization
• Diagnostic radiology
• Echocardiography/stress testing/nuclear medicine
• Parkview HealthScan Electron Beam Tomography (EBT)
• Electrophysiology studies
• Pacemaker and internal cardioverter defibrillators

Patients enter the Parkview Heart Institute on the second level where procedures such as coronary catheterizations and pacemaker insertions occur. The four catheterization suites are just steps away from the comfortable, private rooms where patients recover.

Patients staying overnight will reside in one of the suites on the Parkview Heart Institute’s third level. This high-tech care unit allows patients to recover comfortably under close nursing supervision. Sofas in the suites fold out into beds, allowing family members to stay overnight.

On the ground level is where noninvasive procedures such as electrocardiograms, nuclear imaging and electron beam tomography are performed. This floor also houses a cardiac rehabilitation facility, complete with new programmable treadmills, stationary bikes, a walking track, and the latest exercise equipment.

The Parkview Heart Institute has centralized and streamlined Parkview Health’s cardiac resources, added state-of-the-art technology, such as the da Vinci Surgical Robotic system at Parkview Hospital, and created functional new space for educational and rehabilitation programs. The Parkview Heart Institute has raised the standard of heart care in the region. Cardiac care will never be the same.

Parkview Hospital, along with the area’s leading heart surgeons, provide advancements in heart procedures such as open heart surgery, valve repair and replacement, endoscopic vein harvesting, vascular and thoracic surgery, atrial septal defect repair and robotic-assisted surgery.
Coronary ICU patients are under the care of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons as well as being electronically connected 24/7 to a special eICU team as an extra measure of care. The unit’s staff also participates in multidisciplinary rounds lead by an intensivist each day, and remote-presence robots, “Robo Docs,” located on the unit aid in communication, rounding and consultations with family and staff.