I ask you, bronchitis can eat eggs and stewed duck?

I ask you, bronchitis can eat eggs and stewed duck?


I ask you, bronchitis can eat eggs and stewed duck?
question:Excuse me everybody, bronchitic can you eat egg and the duck that stew?
anwser:Chronic bronchitic dietary recuperation

Drink milk

Suffer from chronic bronchitic nicotian drinks milk beneficial. Smoking drinks the person of milk again, its suffer from chronic bronchitic odds smokes than those but the person that does not drink milk is reduced significantly a lot of. If your have to smokes, so did not forget to drink milk.

Drink juice of vegetables and fruits more

Fruit dish juice is right chronic bronchitic have better curative effect, it can relieve a cough not only expectorant, and still can complement vitamin and mineral, very beneficial to the rehabilitation of the disease. You are OK will unripe turnip, bright lotus root, pear is mincing wring juice, add honey smooth take. Cough to be being heated up bronchiticly chronically, dry coughs curative effect is distinct.

Eat green vegetables more

Every eat but right amount eat a few vegetable and bean products more, if Bai Luobo, carrot reachs the delicate digestible food such as greenery vegetable.

Eat more relieve a cough smooth asthma food

Eat more a few relieve a cough, smooth asthma, make expectoration easy, lukewarm lung, be good at lienal food, be like ginkgo, loquat, shaddock at, boreal melon, yam, chestnut, lily, kelp, laver.

The food that should avoid

Too diet raw or cold food, salty, acrimony, fat reach the excitant article such as smoke, wine, lest accentuate symptom.

Do not be eager to entering fill

The Bu Jing such as ginseng, pilose antler in acute fit period or phlegmy should not be when be bored with of much, coating on the tongue with, otherwise the bosom is fuggy urgent more very, the illness is aggravating instead.

Herb tea

Tea of ① the tuber of stemona
Chronic bronchitic little patient, course of diseases is longer, show endurance cough, the constitution is much poorer, while reason is being treated with medicine of Chinese and Western, dietary build up one''s health by rest and by taking nourishing food also is an important segment. Should notice on food following a few respects:

(1) food appropriate is delicate: Fresh and vegetable, wait like Chinese cabbage, spinach, cole, turnip, carrot, tomato, cucumber, wax gourd, can complement not only the supply of a variety of vitamins and inorganic salt, and have clear phlegmy, reduce internal heat, aperient wait for a function; Soya bean and bean products contain the high grade protein that human body needs, can complement the nutrient loss that chronic tracheitis causes to airframe, do not have again get together phlegmy the malpractice that turns internal heat.

(With the passing of time of cough of 2) little patient does not heal, bad news hurts healthy atmosphere, lung is lienal frail. Reason chooses appliance to have more at ordinary times be good at lung of lienal, beneficial, filling kidney, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, expectorant food, if lung of pig, ox, sheep reachs loquat, orange, pear, lily, big jujube, lotus seed, almond, walnut, honey to wait, conduce to enhance a constitution, improve a symptom.