Nutritional Supplements Which Fight Cancer

Nutritional Supplements Which Fight Cancer

We''ve only found 1 out of hundreds of nutritional supplements to help when my mom (a stage-4 cancer survivor) was fighting cancer, and that''s Graviola. You can get Graviola at your local health food store and online.

We purchase our Graviola online at XYZ COMPANY. We never had a problem with our purchases from this company. If you decide to use this great online company, don''t forget to bookmark their page so it''s easy to find from month to month.

We use supplements in conjunction with the proper amount of alkaline water. The alkaline water also makes your body a hostile environment to cancer.

According to "How Stuff Works", Recently, scientists have begun to explore the potential of the bioactive chemicals in graviola leaves, stems and seeds, called annonaceous acetogenins. These acetogenins appear to have powerful anti-tumor and anti-cancer qualities. Some test-tube studies have concluded that graviola compounds may be able to target and kill cancer cells, even drug-resistant ones, without interfering with healthy cells.

Nutritional supplements clinical research:

No matter how harmless you think a vitamin or supplement might be, check with your doctor about potential interactions with your other treatments.

If your doctor does give you the go ahead to use certain vitamins and supplements for cancer, make sure you purchase brands of supplements that have been analyzed by, or that bear a USP or NF seal on the label. The USP and NF seals indicate the supplements have undergone quality control testing.

Clinical studies suggest that vitamins and minerals help in preventing and recovering from cancer.

To conclude, my mom always felt better after she had vitamin & Mineral IV drips given to her by her doctor. I remember her saying she could feel her strength returning to her body.

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