The Quest for God

The Quest for God

How many Times has Church detoured us from our spiritual walk into the light ?
What are our Goals as Christians ? What should are goals be ?

How is Religion helping us achieve those goals — really ??

Why is it that we as Christians tend to judge ourselves against what we deem wicked in the world ( keeping in mind most use mans standards when determining the wicked ) ?

Aren’t we supposed to be focusing on being more like Christ ? It’s not about being less like the man next door with and tattoos and the Budweiser who we somehow feel more valuable then because our skin is clean and our blood alcohol free.

Being a good Christian seems to have become about judging how bad others are ( by mans standards) so that we can feel closer to God .

Why don’t we realize that we have been deceived my Satan ? We have become stagnate in our quest for the light always looking for the evil in others in order to raise ourselves up. Pushing others down does not elevate us.

True Christ Like peace and understanding comes in loving our neighbors as well as our God —

And come on — Do you really think that multicolored hair , tattoos , mistakes make in relationships , being a single mom, bumps in the road of life or not going to Church makes someone less savory to God ??
I would say as a lover of Christ you know in your heart that it does not.
Then why do we believe the lie that we are closer to The Lord if our life does not include those things ?
And please don’t think of that excepted guy at your church with all the Biker Tattoos — because he walked away from that life — why can’t he like tattoos and be a follower of Christ? Or hanging out at bike rally’s with others that enjoy the same hobby ? Did Christ say this hobby was unsavory ? Or did man ??
Or was it Satan that lies to Christians as to detour them from the true light of Christ ? Teaching them hate instead of love is what makes them holy.

If one truly aspires to be Christ like they should do away with the judgments of man that have been placed in their heart. One must make their walk to Christ a personal thing — it’s not about how much closer you seem to be then your neighbor. It’s only about your heart and if you heart is full of distain for your fellow man who does you no harm other then to not live doing as you do — ask yourself how close to God are you really?

God does not hate man – why do we ?
He also has warned us against Judgements of others.
You are not doing his work when you set out to work against those ” YOU ” think are unworthy. You are doing the work of the Devil when you purposely cause others pain.

I must add in the most eloquent words of my brilliant 18 year old Daughter
“Standing in a Garage – makes you no more a Car then Going to Church makes you a Christian”

It’s a heart thing NOT a place thing–
This is not an anti Church posting. Church is a personal decision. It’s a post about trying to find our way through all the Satanic Distraction and sometimes the mentality of being in a Group of Church goers can blur the true narrow path

Pardon any errors in this post — I will edit later – I just felt the need to put these thoughts out into the universe
Thank you