Wednesday May 30 2001

Wednesday May 30 2001

Richard is here in his New York City Subway t-shirt! He''s reviewing your

And he''s in a very philosophical mood!

Right now he''s looking in the dictionary and doesn''t like

what he''s reading, but who is he to argue with Funk and Wagnall? ;-)

Thank you for coming to our auditorium tonight! Richard

is loving your questions! Please remember that the shorter the questions are,

the easier they are for us to put into the auditorium!

Da da da da da da.....

Well, isn''t this exciting? Oh my goodness!

It''s our first auditorium on the new and improved

Oh, I can''t hear myself...the applause are deafening

Hi Becky! Hi Parrot Sue, Hi Rainbeaux! Hi every

person I met on the cruise

Hi everyone that''s ever emailed me!

Hi who''s initials are from A to Z

Hi to your family, your pets, your boss your church!

Wait, let me get a sip of water...ahhh...that''s

I guess I''m just so emotional tonite!

And that''s what this auditorium is all

I just picked Webster''s New World Dictionary of the

And I looked up ''emotions''. I almost fell asleep

I don''t think these writers are emotional

Emotions are feelings brought on by your emotions.

Your happy emotions, sad emotions, angry

Yes, there are many emotions.

Mine fall into the dramatic emotional category

Are you all laughing?

Don''t laugh too''re pretty theatrical

Let me break this down to you, then we''ll take about

2000 questions, and my typist Dana will type into the night...we''ll cheer and

Emotions, things that you go through, through your

heart actually, can cause patterns in your eating habits.

And tonite we will listen to your questions about

emotions and try to help you figure out how to figure them out before ending

Did I tell you all that I''m very excited about

tonite? We had to cancel our last auditorium to meet with Mr. Netscape and

lady AOL so that everyone could get to my sit, and WOW, it''s a site for sore

Colors have emotions too! So lets get a lot of

questions answered, and make sure you''re in touch with your emotions, and

handle them without standing naked in front of your freezer, without finding

OK, here we go.

I always go on a binge when I am feeling blue, then after

the binge I feel worse, don''t you think I would learn not to keep doing this?

What do you do to stop this vicious cycle?

Ahh. blue emotions. See, I told you emotions have

color. A blue emotion is a sad emotion, but in order to understand it, you

have to tell me why your blue. Is money blues? Family Blues? Spousy blues? Is

When you''re blue, you feel all alone, and what better

to be blue with than something white, like ice cream, or red, like prime rib,

or something yellow like corn, but in the end, you find out that it hasn''t

So before stopping at the Kitchen Depot, sit down

someplace quiet and figure out why you''re blue, and I think you''ll come to a

And that conclusion will lead you to a pair of rose

colored glasses to make your blue days brighter.

Dear Richard, I have a question about emotional eating but

not the obvious one. How do you continue to eat something when you are under

a lot of stress? I am going through that right now and know that I need to

eat small meals at least because I am a type one diabetic on the insulin

pump. But it is hard because I have not been hungry. love, Dawn aka carrottop

Stress...why there''s an emotion.

It just means you''re under a lot of pressure.

But forget about the pressure for a moment, and think

about your responsibility. You are a diabetic, let me say it again. you are a

diabetic. If you think you have stress now, you''ll have more stress if you

don''t take care of your should be on a very strict food

Is your pressure money, job, family??? What is it?

Where does this stress cometh from?

You need to eat smaller meals, and you have to find

And you have to check your sugar, I''m sure.

So your word during this stress emotion that your

Richard, in January my mom passed away. I have been

having a difficult time dealing with her death. She had a lot of health problems

and lived with me for the last 3 years. We were very close. After her death,

I was so motivated to lose this weight. I wanted to lose to become healthy so

I wouldn''t have the same health problems that she had, but now I seem to have

lost some of my motivation. I want so desperately to lose this weight. I go

motivation to my fellow webbies, but can''t seem to stay

Look up right now...are you there? Knock on the

screen to let me know you''re there. One day, I hope people can email me back,

but right now, look up...what do you see?

No pass the ceiling, pass the trees? What do you see?

Come on, you see your mother. I can look up right now and see Shirley.

Shirley was sick,, and my brother took care of her like a saint, I came two

or three times a month. She had nurses 24 hours a day. It was very painful.

So when I feel this horrible, stress of grieving, I

just look up, and I see Shirley, and she''s in a beautiful silk, pink suit,

and the pearls I gave her for Mother''s day, and her hair looks like a cloud,

just done at Heaven''s beauty salon. And she tells me I''m doing a good job,

Listen, your mother is saying the same to you. And

wait, she said something to me...she told me to tell you to get healthy and

to eat healthy and to think healthy, and to live healthy every day. So listen

I have a question that I have not seen you address as

yet. I need to lose about 40lbs. I have noticed my pattern over the last 5

years is that I will start to lose 10 maybe 15 lbs. My frumpy shape starts

looking nice, people notice me again...and then I get uncomfortable with that

and the new feelings I have and I let the weight climb back on. Any tips on

I''ve talked about this so much. As a matter of fact,

I have a friend going through the same thing. This falls under the category

of emotional fears. Fear is so horrible.

It can destroy someone''s life. It''s a disease with no

cure, and always ends up fatal.

You are afraid of accepting compliments, because

you''re afraid you''ll gain the weight back and disappoint others. You''re

afraid of looking and feeling your best, for fear you don''t deserve it.

You must put your fear aside to let the joy come in.

If I were you, I would lose slowly, a pound and a half a week. Slowly get

used to the compliments and the positive things people say about you.

And before you go to bed, listen to these compliments

again, and start believing them. It''s only when this fear of believing in you

is a thing of the past, when you will truly see your future.

Richard, What should I do, I eat a lot of times when My

husband is away or out of town

You are now facing the fear of abandonment.

Abandonment is a terrible feeling.

When someone leaves you that you love so much, you

can get the feeling that maybe you''re being abandoned, even for a weekend, or

I know who this is writing, and I know how much you

You turn to food when he''s not there, because

frankly, you''re half bored and half lonely.

But the other side of the coin is this...look what

your husband is doing when he''s not home giving you love. He''s out spreading

the word of Jesus to people who are sad in their life. You should truly

embrace the love that your husband gives to so many, and then comes home and

has love enough to share with you.

I know that you pray, and I know that you pray for

me....thank you. On the times you are by yourself, write letters, look at

pictures, take walks, and enjoy life.

Dearest Richard, Rainbeaux here, I am wondering when

someone is used to exercising and becomes very ill and is told to stay in bed

for a month to build their blood up and is quite weak if there are any

exercises one can do until they recover , oh, and also when they are on the

road to recovery what would be the best way to get back in the routine so

they do not overdo and wear themselves back down? thanks and I love love love

Your fear, my dear, is the fear of gaining weight

You have lost close to 80 pounds, and feeling mighty

You went through some surgery, and your body must

You know all about healing now, don''t you?

Let''s look in the future, shall we? I see rest for

you. I see talking on the phone. I see eating healthy, smaller meals.

I see you trying new makeup, new nail polish, new

trims for your hair. I see lots of laughter, and I see much repair.

Don''t be afraid, the pounds will not come back. Wait,

let me look in my teacup a little closer. Ah, there you are...I see someone

coming to your house, and doing some light stretches with you for a week. I

see you taking small walks. Wait, wait, I see you pulling up at Slimmons! You

haven''t gained weight during this''ve lost 17

pounds! I see my face painted on all your nails!

You''re facing the demon of change. Be patient, get

your rest, 5 smaller meals a day. You owe me $50!!!

I have struggled with my weight most of my 33 years. I

have been bulimic for the past 8 years. I tried the food mover but I seem to

feel disconnected. What can I do to improve my self esteem and get and stay

motivated? Please help I am desperate. I am so tired of living like this.

Well now, this is a pretty serious one.

As most people know, I led many of my years on this

earth as a person with bulimia.

I don''t know what caused you to battle this demon,

but mine was totally based on ''oh my god, I''m going to gain weight!''

I would eat an enormous amount of food, and wouldn''t

get guilty until the last bite. Then I got scared to death that I was going

to go home and hop on that scale, and see what I had done.

I gave into that ill feeling, and rushed to the

bathroom to throw up what I had eaten.

The only reason I do not throw up now is because my

portions of food have gotten very small.

Instead of the three basic meals, I have 5 smaller

meals, like I have suggested to others.

And when I finish this meal, I never panic and feel

like I''ve had too much, and that keeps me on the straight and narrow until

the next meal comes along. So it''s day by day, meal by meal.

Start slowly on the Food Mover.

And what I found to be the best help for me is

I hope that you feel better.

Dear Richard, We are going through a very severe

financial stress right now. We don''t know from one day to the next if we will

have our van or our house to live in. I have found myself very stressed and

my eating very irratic. What do you do when you just want to stuff your head

in a hole and die?? That is how I feel with all the pressure and I need to

get back on track?? Can you help me??

These are very hard times.

So many people have written me and have had money

What is your emotion? It could be part failure,

feeling like a failure, and the big question mark of the future...

I think you are going through a scary time.

But you have to figure out how to get out of this

Plus, it does cost money to overeat.

Since I''ve been on this health kick, for j27 years,

my grocery bill is way under, because I only buy what I eat.

In these times of troubles, stay close to your family

and friends, pray every day, and try again to stay focused on other areas so

you don''t lose it. When your mind wanders, put in an exercise video, and get

This may set you off to go back to school, and

getting a better job...start reading more.

When you feel down, get in the chat rooms! I enjoyed

you so much on the cruise...please let me know how you''re doing.

Richard, First of all, thank you so much for being here

for all of us. I''m not sure if this is in your area of expertise, but my

emotional eating comes with PMS. I hear myself talking, but can''t believe or

stop what I am saying, then want to sit down with a can of Pringles with a

Ben And Jerry chaser. Any suggestions as to curb these cravings?

You are going through the hormonal emotion.

It could be the worst emotion of all.

I once asked a girl, a friend, ''what exactly does it

feel like to go through PMS?'', and she said ''it''s like little choo choo

trains of electricity running up and down through my body.''

Sadness seems to come through the forefront, and

This group of emotions causes your appetite to roar.

Like the MGM Lion...

you start feeding yourself to sort of fill up on

something else, to mask these emotions.

These feelings can last up to a week. You have to

ride them out without all of this eating because let''s face happens

My friend tells me she does a lot of breathing

exercises, and takes a lot of walks, and sees a lot of movies. Hope this

Richard, I am pretty new to club. Only 4 weeks and have

lost 24lbs.I want to know how do I control the lifelong habit of "food

makes it better"? So far it has been the only pleasure in my life that I

can turn too and now I am determined to let that go. Please help! Peggy aka

Wait a minute, now wait a is your only

Don''t you have any other pleasures?

Your life cannot be so empty that food is your

Now, let''s see...what emotion are you going through?

I think, quite frankly, you''re bored.

You have to find pleasures other than the knife, fork

and spoon pleasures. The pleasures of family, pets, friends, the pleasure of

life...of living, of meeting new people.

Do you have a husband, children, close family

members? You need to feel the pleasure of learning, and the pleasure of

laughter. Those are all fat free...but my god, what they do for your heart

You have give food a lot of responsibility in your

life...take some of it back.

Emotional eating How does one stop eating emotionally

when ones life has been full of tragedies and food is always there?

I''m sorry that you''ve had tragedy in your life.

Let me tell you a little story.

I met a lady, well, she''s a doctor.

She''s a wonderful lady. She always looks so happy.

And I sat down with her one day, and she told me her

She was born with Polio.

And much of her life as a child was tragic because

the kids made fun of the way she walked.

One day, the kids made fun of her, and she walked

home. When she walked in to complain about the kids...her mother lay there

dying. She had cancer of the brain, and had been sick for a long time.

I would have never known any of this just by looking

at her. So at 9, her mother died.

And she felt oh, so lonely.

She group up, and went to medical school. And in

medical school, she met a wonderful man, and they got married.

And this lady became pregnant.

And while she carried the child in her womb, her

husband suddenly died of a heart attack.

So, there she was left carrying a baby and having no

I said to her "this is so tragic. How on earth

I promised Richard, when I saw my mother die, that I

would let no tragedies swallow my life. Things happen for a reason, and I am

strong enough to get through it.

So you see, we''ve all had tragedies.

Just a few minutes ago, I got off the phone with a

lady whose little boy died three years ago next week, of leukemia.

We don''t know what tragedies lie ahead, so we must

put on a coat of armor and be strong, and be strong for the people we''ve

lost, and be strong through all the tragedies of life.

Remember, you are still here, and you must take care

Hi, Richard, thanks again for a wonderful week on the cruise.

My problem is that I tend to want to pig out when I am feeling good about me.

I give myself the excuse of well you are doing so well a little treat won''t

hurt you. Any advice on how to get my mind working in a different way.

Where are your earrings? You don''t have them on

You have the dysfunctional reward emotion.

I remember how well you did on the cruise.

I remember the exercise that you did.

I can still hear your laughter, and you know that

The reward should be the softness of your hair, not a

The reward should be feeling more comfortable in your

body, not an order of fries.

If you want to reward yourself, put some money in a

jar and then go buy something colorful and tropical for yourself, like a

Or a parrot umbrella.

Maybe a parrot tattooo...that''s it.. tattoos are a

reward to some people, and they don''t put weight on you!

Your accomplishments should be your reward.

Get strong, stay strong...

Richard, How do you just change emotional eating after

doing it for years. In our family if we are sad we eat, if we have a loss in

the family we eat, if we are happy we eat. (If I lose my luggage I eat)

Eating is a cure all for all emotions. Richard make it stop!! Kathy

Well, I think you have the Sybil emotions.

That''s very complicated. That means, whether your

happy or sad, up or down, you head for the food.

Hmmm. ...this is a pretty tough one, because you see,

How I get through it is I know that food is really

not going to make anything better, except for a moment. It doesn''t bring back

the dead, doesn''t help you win the really has no powers, except

I know that you''re very tight with your family. Well,

let them eat at all of these occasions. You have a piece of fruit, or a

salad, or something you can have with your

Food Mover...little by little, you will see a change

It doesn''t happen overnight.

You can''t erase all the emotions that you''ve had with

your family at one shot. Work on it slowly and quietly. Don''t announce to

anyone what you''re one....

Hi Richard! I have recently lost 64 pounds on your

portions plan and exercise tapes. My wife has lost 74 pounds. We feel great

and I even got to go off of my high blood pressure medicine. While my wife is

at her weight loss goal, I am about 15 pounds from my goal. However, I am

really struggling just to maintain what I have lost because I want to eat

everything in sight! Is this a mental thing?

I am still using the windows. In the mornings I am strong

but in the late out!!! I just seem to find every excuse to

pop this, that and the other thing into my mouth. Any Advice for resisting?

Well, Pastor Chris, do you know how blessed you are?

Oh, you''re a Pastor, you must know how blessed you are.

The taste of there''s an emotion for

You''ve lost over 60 pounds, Pastor. That means you''re

in better shape to do what God meant for you to do.

But now, maybe you''re feeling too good...and isn''t

Not when you think you''re infallible with food.

You can gain weight back so quickly, as you know.

You know consistency and prayer is the same as

consistency in eating. You stop praying, no one sees it. You stop eating, and

no one sees it but you. You should start setting goals for''s

one...I''m doing a new infomercial in September.

There will be a banner on my web page, it''s asking

people like you and your wife to tell their story, their Food Mover story,

exercise story, to write to us. And who knows, you may end up on the

But your goals should really be stronger than that.

Your goal of being a good, healthy human, and living

a long time, and working everyday, doing something you love.

That''s the plan God has for you. Now, I''m not going to

compare the FoodMover to the 10 Commandments, but remember who made the 6

food groups...yes, He did that too.

Dear Richard- Hi I was wondering just how I can stop this

destructive pattern of emotional eating? How do you stop hateing yourself and

break the cycle of this form of hatred? I really need your help.- Love Lorri

So many people have told me that they hate themselves

lately. My gosh, what did you do to make you hate yourself?

I think someone put that hate in your head, or they

told you you were a bad person, and evil person, good for nothing, and never

You''re int he crossfire of don''t'' know

who to listen to. Its only when you listen to yourself, that this bickering

and fighting going on in your soul will go away.

Do you think you''re a bad person? Of course not.

Do you think your mean and heartless? No. So what is

Can you say "I like me, I love me, I care about

me, I want to know more about me, I want to live and enjoy all my days with

me, and I want to share the love I have inside

Practice saying those things. I promise, they will

muffle the angry voices in your head. Don''t listen to them, listen to you.

Dear Richard, Let me first say "thank you" for

being there. I am always grateful for you. What do you do first when you are

in an emotionally charged state...when you are filled with hurt, anger, and a

sense of injustice? This can last a do you weather the storm? I

Well, I must tell you my secret. I know you want to

buy me some gifts, but that''s not why I''m telling you.

When I have fears of self doubt, anger, hurt,

I light candles, get sponges, get bubble bath, and I

And I see all that water swishing around, and I lie

back, close my eyes, and try not to think of whats bothering me for a few

I guess I put things in perspective.

I don''t rush to the phone, or the fridge, or the bed.

I guess what I call it, is '' come clean ''

And that''s what you must do...find a ''think''

Thinking is not an emotion, thinking is a function,

and sometimes you have to get in touch with yourself.

Please, don''t send me any candles, sponges or bubble

This is one of the toughest emotions to go through. A

few quiet moments, well, it can help so much.

Hello Richard, How can I handle when other peoples

emotions effect me? I make they''re problems mine cause I worry over them and

get upset cause I cannot help them more....then I go and eat out of

frustration for us both? How can I be a true friend without sabotaging my own

healthy eating plan? Thank You, (MAMA-DEE)

To be a true friend, you must separate your

friendship emotion. You see, as a friend, you can only do so much.

Try to help your friend''s problem without it being a

You sound like a caretaker, like I am.

And yes, I try to do so much to help others.

And sometimes, I''m great at it, and sometimes, well,

But I never allow it to come into my life and sort of

make me take on the burden of these problems.

You don''t think eating is going to help your friend''s

problem, and it isn''t going to help you.

Ask yourself, what am I going to do to realistically

Be a good listener, a good hugger, be good at

positive suggestions, and know you''ve done a good job, and go live your life.

Don''t feel guilty about living your life because you

Make time to nourish you, or you will burn out.

Richard, is there anything else you''d like to say before

Because we''re not letting you do the marathon!

Oh my gosh, I can do this for a couple of hours, but

poor Dana...well, we answered a lot of questions.

But I do have some things to say. Sit up straight,

You''re a soldier, a warrior, a fighter, stronger than

any emotion thrown at you. Figure out what emotions you have to battle, and

I so want you to be happy with you, and not to fight

Email me tomorrow and tell me if I hit upon something

I''ll be doing a lot of live auditoriums, let me know

how I can make it better for you.

When the time is up, I always leave here, knowing I

did a good job, proud of the hour I spent with you.

I thank you all for coming to my first auditorium. I

couldn''t do it without Mary, Jarek and Dana, and all the people like Jody,

and Jerry, just to name a few.

Here''s one emotion for you...

I love you emotionally, with my whole heart and soul.

I give you lots of hugs tonite.

And hope you find peace in your sleep.

And I hope you get up tomorrow, and are challenged,

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback you''ve given

me about SimmonsTown, remember it''s your town.

I love you all...good night...

Thanks for joining us for the Auditorium tonight! Be sure

you watch the calendar for our next live chat in June!

Goodnight everyone! Thanks for being here!

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