Your partner used to be passionate

Your partner used to be passionate

Your partner used to be passionate about life—about you—and about sex. Now she’s more interested in turning over and getting a good night’s sleep than staying up to play sex games.

Like men, women can also suffer from lack of sex drive. It’s not that she doesn’t love you anymore, she’s just not “in the mood.” Or perhaps she gets aroused, but it never has a “happy ending,” so she’s given up.

Regain the sexual woman you first met with Libido Max for Women. With the Libido Max for Women formula she will:

• Have renewed sexual interest, lust and desire
• Feel more mentally, emotionally and physically stimulated
• Be able to orgasm quicker and more intensely than before

Or at least those are the “Applied Nutrition” claims. Can their product Libido Max for Women really work for your woman? Will she again turn to you in bed—or even better, saddle you like a wild pony?

The ingredients will tell us.

Libido Max for Women Ingredient Power

Libido Max for Women contains no less than three proprietary blends. Some of the ingredients inside these blends include Maca Powder (Root) and Ashwagandha Powder (Root) to increase passion and blood flow. Blood flow makes her more sensitive in her intimate places, and able to have an intense orgasm.

Asian Ginseng Extract increases passion, energy and endurance. Epimedium, commonly known as “Horny Goat Weed,” is an aphrodisiac to get her in the mood in the sack. It also lessens stressors that lower testosterone levels and make a person less sexually interested and aggressive.

Tribulus Extract–boosts testosterone levels, naturally, while L Tyrosine sends calming signals to the brain, boosting healthy mood and alleviating anxiety.

Long Pepper Extract and DMG are both known as a “sexual tonic” to improve all aspects of sexual health.

And the entire Libido Max for Women formula is bound together with Bioperine, which not only makes a product more effective, but also speeds up result time.

Libido Max for Women Safety and Effectiveness

We’re a little worried that many of the ingredients in Libido Max for Women are catered more towards men and raising testosterone levels. Elevated testosterone in women can cause anger and aggressiveness—not the desired result.

The ingredients in the Libido Max for Women formula are delivered in proprietary blends however, so it’s impossible to gauge both Libido Max for Women’s effectiveness, and whether or not she’s receiving ingredients that could have negative side effects.

Consult her physician before use.

Upon reading consumer testimonials however, you find that Libido Max for Women did not work well for the majority of women who took it. Effects were not satisfactory. Rather than feeling negative effects, women received no effects.

Purchasing Libido Max for Women

Libido Max for Women can be found all over the web from third-party retailers. Prices vary, so shop around.

The average price for Libido Max for Women seems to be $23.99 plus S&H.

You will probably not receive a refund if Libido Max for Women does not work for her effectively.

Based on ingredient power, consumer testimonials and the lack of refund policy, we do not suggest purchasing Libido Max for Women. But don’t sleep with her back facing you anymore. Instead, keep looking.

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