Ask Dr. Ross!

Ask Dr. Ross!
I recently purchased a bottle of artichoke extract. I would like to start using more herbs with liver protecting benefits. Would it be prudent to use artichoke extract with one or any combination of the following: milk thistle, beet, fresh ginger, dandelion root, wheat grass juice?
The beneficial use of artichoke extract to help the liver has been well studied and documented. Also, individually and traditionally, milk thistle, beets and dandelion have been used for this purpose. I''ve not seen any articles, either for or against, addressing the issue of combining any of them. In my experience, however, people have taken combinations without difficulties. I would say to start with one and see how you do. Others can be added as needed. Please see my book, Artichoke Extract (1999), and the upcoming Nature''s Guide To Healing (due out early this year) for more information about the uses of artichoke extract and other herbs.
It seems like half the people I know have the flu. What can I do to avoid getting it?
Here is a list of some of the things my wife and I personally do in order to avoid getting sick with the flu:

• Monolaurin, an anti viral: 2-3 pills a day.
• Zinc lozenges or spray.
• Buffered vitamin C.
• Alkaline diet -- lots of vegetables, hold off on bread.
• Make sure your intestines are moving and that you are not constipated.
• Rest, don''t "over do."
• Hot sauna or hot baths, sometimes with clay. Relaxes the body, helps expel toxins and may change the Ph of the body in an alkaline direction.