Develop the optimum height for the baby with vitamin D - The Child Health Blog

Develop the optimum height for the baby with vitamin D - The Child Health Blog

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Develop the optimum height for the baby with vitamin D

Vitamin D , sometimes called the sun vitamin , is actually a hormone 25-hydroxy vitamin D , which is self-created body through exposure to sunlight . We may also supplement vitamin D naturally through daily food or other foods vitamin D supplements  .

Sources of vitamin D is synthesized mainly subcutaneous through the effects of sunlight. There are few natural food sources rich in vitamin D. Fatty fish like salmon , herring , mackerel , sardines and fresh tuna are food sources rich in vitamin D is most important at present . Eggs and meat also provides Vitamin D but with very little content.

Role of Vitamin D and Calcium

The babies in toddlers need a special vitamin D helps support the development of strong bones and teeth during growth and its boom at the moment.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones , helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus efficiency . These are minerals that contribute to the formation of bone structure during their developmental phase .

Children deficient in vitamin D will cause deformities and brittle bones , affects the ability of young athletes and in the long run will cause affect to other functions in the body .Lack of vitamin D causes rickets  ( soft bones ) in the baby and other health problems in this period . The children often have vitamin D deficiency manifested as loss of appetite , slow growth , often crying, sweats , slow teething,

The babies in toddlers at the most high risk of vitamin D deficiency if they are not added fully vitamin D during pregnancy , less exposure to the sun or not provides enough food contain vitamin D.

How to enhance the absorption of Vitamin D ?

                                        Sources of food rich in Vitamin D

According to the daily recommended intake RDA , children from 1-10 years of age are advised additional enough 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day . The mothers can help your child adds the nutritious food like fatty fish and eggs to enhance the absorption of vitamin D.

Even with dietary diversity is very difficult to get enough vitamin D for the needs of your baby for a healthy development .  As part of the diet , every day ,the babies should use 2 cups of milk with adding vitamin D. Additional vitamin D milk and other essential nutrients will be needed for very high needs of babys development in the toddler stage . For baby had weaning, you should add vitamin D -rich foods such as fish , meat , eggs , in the babys diet.`

To Develop the optimum height for the baby with vitamin D , the mothers lets reading this article of to helps your children develop so well.

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