Fat Burning Supplements – What Type Do I Choose? (Part 1)

Fat Burning Supplements – What Type Do I Choose? (Part 1)

Almost all of us are familiar with terms like ‘beer belly’, ‘that cute paunch’, ‘the pouch’ or ‘chub rub’. All of these terms, as cute as they may sound on the top of it all, are actually hated terms. They are used as reference points to those extra pounds of flab on our otherwise beautiful bodies. Terms like these could be frustrating and gross; and there is no shock about the fact that you want it off NOW!

When it comes down to the last couple of pounds that we have to lose; in the case of men, it will be the lower abdomen area; the one that renders us with that classic ‘apple’ shape that we’ve been living in for years. As is usually said, these are the places where the fat will rush to when we first gain weight; and this is the last place from where we will lose fat.

This is exactly where the problem lies. The fat is known to get deposited nicely and get comfortable within our bodies because it has been there for a decent amount of time. In such cases, there is only a certain amount that cardio can help; and there are only a certain number of days where you can keep your calories at an all low. Plus, this wouldn’t even be a very effective way of losing weight in the long run.

This is where the concept of fat burning supplements comes into the picture. These supplements consist of a few constant ingredients that are known to shock the body (in a good way) and keep it in fat burning mode. When you do eventually choose a fat burner for yourself, you might want to look for these ingredients –

  • Bitter Orange
    Bitter Orange
  • Yohimbe
  • Capsicum
  • Caffeine
  • Ginger
Types of Fat Burning Supplements:


Thermogenics are literally ‘fat burners’. The word ‘thermo’ comes from the word ‘fire’. These are the 2 ways in which thermogenics are known to help in shedding the fat –

  • They’re good at convincing the stubborn fat to open up and they will let all that fat get into the blood stream so that you can use it as a source of energy while you’re working out. The ingredient that will typically do this for you will be yohimbine.
  • Thermogenics will help in raising your overall body temperature on the internals; and this would mean that your body is more heated up and can burn more calories when it comes down to your workout. The ingredient that will help you achieve this would be caffeine.

Stimulant-Free Fat Burners:

Ephedra and caffeine are the common most stimulants that are used in most fat burning supplements. These stimulants will generally increase awareness and alertness; and some others will produce the sense of euphoria. This is especially true of the stimulants which will end up exerting a lot of influence on the central nervous system. However, there have been cases where people develop sensitivities to stimulants; and in these cases, the people might want to stick to fat burners that do not use stimulants.

Carbohydrate Blockers:

Carbohydrate Blockers

These products will contain ingredients that will prevent the enzymes of your body from digesting the carbohydrates or getting the carbohydrates to work for you. This would mean that the carbohydrates that you ingest will not get fully digested and this would mean that they will not get re-absorbed by your body.

Fat Blockers:

These are almost the same thing as carbohydrate blockers. The only difference, if it may be called that, is the inclusion of an ingredient that is called chitosan. Chitosan is the name of a fat absorber. It is said to possess the ability to take the fat out from the digestive system and oust these fats via the colon so that the person could lose weight without really having to compromise on what they eat.

Despite the ‘fanciness’ of this concept, there is a lot of scientific research that is waiting to prove that this claim is without substance. According to certain researchers, the unmodified type of chitosan could, at the most, take away 10 calories from the person’s diet in a day. Another common problem associated with the use of a fat blocker would be that; along with the fat, it could also end up expelling certain types of minerals that are necessary to keep a person healthy.