How to Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner

The sultry cat-eyes of Bridget Bardot, or the soft, wing-tipped liner of Audrey Hepburn, or even the more recent trend of sexy, smoky eyes – all of these are achieved with the use and application of different types of eyeliner. There are many different eye makeup tips, but eyeliner can be used in conjunction with many of them. It is a subtle addition, which can make a huge impact. But how do you apply that perfect sexy liner without making it too thin or smearing it?

Eyeliner Tips and Application

Below are some useful suggestions on applying eyeliner with several different tools, from a brush, to the liquid version and then to the standard pencil type.

First make sure that you start with a clean slate. Wash and prepare your face with moisturizer, and then apply your foundation, concealer or both as you normally do. But do not use concealer on your eyelids because it will crease and create odd shadows there. Do use a primer that is designed for eyelids and apply a tiny bit. If you are going to be wearing eye shadow, apply that before beginning with the liner, otherwise the eye shadow will smudge and lighten it. And, remember that for any type of liner you use, the line should be very thin. If the line is too thick, it will appear heavy and could make you look tired.

Here are some tips on the application of liner with an eyeliner brush

The best brush to use for lining your eyes is a very small, flat brush, with a stiff straight edge. This tool will help to line the eye very subtly. Using the liner brush, create a thick paste by adding just a little bit of water with cake liner and mixing it with the brush. The key to creating this mixture is to not let it get too watery. You should add just enough water to have a nice, thick paste. If it is too watery, then it will run on your face.

Now, looking down into a small mirror, take the brush, with it flat edge against your lashes, find your lash line and then slowly wiggle into that line, to apply the liner. The line that you create should be between the lashes and blended into the lash line. Applying it above the lash line creates a more dramatic, heavy look. After you have applied the line, if you want a more striking look, like for a nighttime party, go ahead and apply a little on top of the lashes as well.

In case you are looking for some eye makeup brushes, you may want to take a look at these brush kits:

The Sigma Beauty Eyes kit is a good option, check it out here

Here are some individual eye liner brushes:

  • There is the Ecotools Eyeliner brush, which can be found here
  • Or the NARS Push Eyeliner brush, click here to take a look at it.
  • And lastly, here is another one, the Shady Lady Liner Brush, view it here

Ways to apply liquid eyeliner

When using liquid eyeliner, you can apply it along the base of lashes in a straight line, from the inner corner to outer, even creating a little curve upward at the outer corner to create a cat eye. Or you can apply it in small dots at the base of the lashes, wiggling the tip in between the lashes. Do not connect the dots however, this technique will make the base of the lashes look thicker, and create the look of thick, lush lashes. The liquid is designed to be used only on the top lid, not underneath the eye. Also, after you have applied the liner to the eyelid, wait for it to dry before opening your eye, otherwise you could smear it.

Some products to check out:

  • Blinc Kiss Me Eyeliner
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
  • Maybelline Line Works Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Working with an eyeliner pencil

Liner pencils are used most often but have mixed results. Some people love them because they can give a slightly smudged effect. However, sometimes they can smear all over your eyelid and may also rub off during the day. If you are going to use a pencil, make sure that it is soft, because if the pencil is too hard then it can pull and tug at the eye, which is not good for the skin on your lid. There are a few ways to soften the pencil: some people suggest holding the pencil over a candle flame for a few seconds, while others suggest holding it under hot water. Another tip, sharpen the pencil every time before you use it, this will help to remove any bacteria that may have built up on the pencil from the last use.

Some products you may like:

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Zero
  • Physicians Formula Eye Definer Automatic Eye Pencil

To finish the look, apply a light coat of mascara, and you are ready to go! If you want, you can apply some light, shimmery eye shadow. Or, if you want a dramatic nighttime look, try using your new eyeliner tips in conjunction with our pointers on smoky eye makeup. But just remember to keep the rest of your makeup light, so that you are not too overly made up. For example, use a delicate lipstick, in a color close to your natural lip color, or simply use some lip gloss. Another good tip is if you have very dramatic makeup, don’t also wear dramatic jewelry, or you will seem weighed down, instead choose one statement piece, like a bold necklace, or sparkly earrings, but not both. Or go even subtler, and choose a soft, shiny piece of jewelry, for a more subtle statement. And don’t forget, nothing complements beautiful makeup better then healthy, shiny hair, so check out our article on How to Keep Hair Healthy.

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