Journal of American College of Nutrition 2002

Journal of American College of Nutrition 2002

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Question of the Day - If you think it is important to wash your outer skin and brush your teeth, then don’t you think it makes equal sense to cleanse the inside of your digestive track at least once a day?
Isn’t the answer obvious!!!


Constipation is the slow or lack of Bowel movements of feces through the intestines. The feces often become DRY & HARD & STUCK because all the fluid is reabsorbed by the colon during this abnormal extended time. According to the American Society of Colon
& Rectal Surgeons, about 80% of people suffer from Constipation at some time during their lives. The National Institute of Health published the survey showing 4-1/2 million Americans are constipated most or all the time. In the U.S. there are 2.5 million doctor visits each year from people complaining of constipation. Nearly 800 million dollars spent each year on harsh laxatives.

You are only 30 feet away from Great Health and Abundant Energy
The digestive system from the beginning of the mouth to the end of the rectum is approximately 30 feet long of flexible pipe. The entire system is made of mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum. Our inside is constantly smeared with gravy, mashed potatoes, chunks of meat, fish parts, and ketchup, followed with ice cream, coffee or tea. Imagine all of them mixed together, what would it look like? It is first necessary that we chew the food good (basically grinding it all up together) and let the digestive juices in the stomach to mix, mash, and churn to break the food into a liquid mush to expose the nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed in the upper part of the small intestines, mixing with the bile from the liver. The pulpy rotten remains are then pushed into the colon where the water is re-absorbed; the feces are compacted, and disposed out of the rectum. These are the steps of a normal bowel movement which should take place from the beginning to the end (Called Transit Time) 15 hours, and expelled out twice daily which we call Regularity.

Constipation is fundamentally the slowing down process of food moving through the digestive tract and that is called “TRANSIT TIME”. Back in the old days of life in the farm, Americans ate right, nutritional and balanced meals, and then worked all day at the homestead, the typical TRANSIT TIME was 15 hours today with processed food lacking enzymes and natural fibers, heavy on sugar, the TRANSIT TIME of food through the gut is slowing down to 70 hours.

When transit time slows down, putrefied nasty material stays in your colon longer and the old feces start to harden and stick to the walls of the colon, causing 2 million American to suffer colon diseases colitis, ileitis, and diverticulitis, and 100,000 colostomies (surgical opening covered with a bag for collection of feces) performed each year. A normal regular person carries on the average of 5 pounds of fecal matters, a person suffering from irregularity and constipation can carry 40 pounds or more of old fecal matter. That is an awful lot of %&*@!

A Job Harder than “Mission Impossible”
As the digested food just sits there in our colon, it is reabsorbed with the water all the toxins, gases, and poisons that are given off by the rotten fecal matter and re-enters our blood stream, this Self Poisoning Process is called Autointoxication. The fecal matter become dry and hard as the material becomes glued to the pockets of the colon wall, leading to Mega-Colon. The average colon measures up to 5 inches but the left over fecal matter distend the colon up to 15 inches thick trying to push the hard stool out of a one inch hole of the rectum. These stuck and rotten fecal matter cause abnormal growths like “polyps”, inflammation called Colitis, weak out pouching of the walls called Diverticulitis (where food like corn gets trapped) and leading ultimately to deadly tumors and colon cancer.

“Constipation was associated with substantially increased risk of colon cancer”
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center published in a control study of 424 cases among men and women from 30-62 years old..

Digestion Specialist DUAL ACTION start with “Washing Minerals” and follow by “Healing Vitamin Peptides” to help maintain proper gastric pH, help the stomach cells to activate the pepsinogen to enzyme pepsin and keeping the stomach lining sterile and encouraging the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes. Clinical studies show decline in acid secretion of the stomach cells as we get older, preventing natural absorption of nutrients. Recent studies show 30% of all men and women past 60 have little or no acid secretion in the stomach requiring supplemental vitamin C. Dr. AC Carr, published American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1999.

Dr. GS Sharp found 80% of patients with Achloalydria had soreness, burning, indigestion, and excessive gas. Secretion of acid is a prerequisite to beginning of digestion without which, you cannot absorb iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B complex. Dr. Sharp also reported that overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and parasites may benefit from supplementation of vitamin C. J. America Gerontology Soc. 1967.

Researchers have found that Ascorbic acid can protect and rejuvenate aging cells from the stomach. One study they were feeding the cells vitamin C in growing medium and showed that it restored digestive enzyme production.

But most importantly, vitamin C, an active component of “Healing Vitamin Peptides” neutralizes deadly compound called nitrosamines a substance known to be linked to stomach cancer.

DIGESTION SPECIALIST - “Healing Vitamin Peptides” carefully protects the intestines with a special amino acid glutamine, a principal fuel for small intestines cell lining. Although glutamine is a major circulating amino acid for the muscles and lungs, it is small intestines that are the primary user. Glutamine is converted in the mitochondria (cell battery) of the small intestine and colon for energy production used in bowel movement. Researchers have shown that supplemental glutamine had incredible value in restoring and increasing the size of intestinal villi (these small fingers that actually absorbs the nutrient) after being damaged, cut short, and blunted by the encrusted fecal matters and matted down by slimy sticky mucous.

Dr. Alan Miller in his published article: discusses the intestine wall thickness as a barrier protecting large toxic and pathogenic organisms to cross into bloodstreams and when intestines become diseased, the intestinal walls becomes thin, allowing the transport of disease bacteria, food allergies, and toxic compounds to the blood stream. Supplemental glutamine can restore the thickness of the intestinal mucosa and increase immunoglobulin A to fight bacteria turbo charging the immunity system. Confirmed by Dr. Klimberg V.S. that Oral Glutimin accelerates healing of the small intestine. Arch Surg 1990.

In addition, the vitamin B6 in Digestion Specialist has shown in research to protect women by reducing colon cancer by 70% less. A Large epidemiologic study by Dr. Roseil P. shows that supplemental calcium plus vitamin D is associated with lower colon cancer in both men and women, published in Cancer 2001.

Digestion Specialist unique water dissolvable Calcium as one of the body most important mineral is well known, but recent research of calcium has been reported effective as an adjunct to weight loss, Dr. Parikh S.J. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003 and confirmed by Dr. Zemel M.B. Journal of American College of Nutrition 2002.

What is the “Forgotten Mineral”?
Last but not least is Magnesium, which is the “Forgotten Mineral” needed to perform over 300 known biochemical reactions for metabolism and energy. Author Carolyn Dean of Miracle of Magnesium, says that you “can’t get enough magnesium from food alone, it is nearly impossible”. In fact, she announces what is not widely known that 80% of the people in United States maybe “magnesium deficient”.

For most of us “Older Crowd”, maintaining strong bones has been a hard fought battle, and the best kept secret is that calcium alone won’t do it! Magnesium is crucial to calcium absorption, so if you are taking calcium without magnesium for stronger bones, you are just kidding yourself and wasting your money. The body’s ideal ratio is calcium to magnesium in 2 to 1 ratio. And while we are at the subject of bone, may I tell you that research shows having Boron available helps calcium to stay in the bone, and Boron is in Digestion Specialist.

Wait! Here comes the best part … You won’t believe your eyes!
Digestion Specialist “Washing Minerals” & “Healing Vitamin Peptides” are nearly completely and absolutely Water Soluble, you won’t believe your eyes when you add a spoonful of Digestion Specialist to a glass of water, it instantaneously dissolves nearly 98% in water into solution like magic, this special process makes the “Washing Minerals” even more special containing the ingredients of coral calcium with all 70 micro nutrients and vitamin D for better absorption!

A unique combination of “Washing Minerals” and special “Healing Vitamin Peptides” to clean and rejuvenate your intestinal and colon to relieve constipation, food allergies, and healthy repair of your digestion, even curb cravings!

U.S. Patented Formula for Satiety and Craving Control !!!

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