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What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

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An illness that causes long lasting pain in muscles, and ligament is known as fibromyalgia. This illness is caused mostly in women of ages 30 to 50. Though the exact cause for this illness in unknown some of the researches make to believe that this may be caused due to poor sleep or inadequate sleep.

The process of pain in fibromyalgia people is very different. “Substance P” a chemical of cerebrospinal fluid plays an imp role in transmitting the pain impulses to brain. It is found that the level of this chemical in fibromyalgia people is three times more when compared with normal people.

Along with this pain, there are many other symptoms also seen in this syndrome like a hypochondriac. This fibromyalgia takes place in individuals of all the ages.

• Regional Pains mostly in back, neck, hip’s shoulders, and hips.

• Fatigue that may range from mild to severe.

• Brain mist or fibro fog, which may result in loss of memory, lack of ability to concentrate, and depression.

This problem interferes very seriously with your day to day activities.

• Muscle cramping and knots that look like rope (myofascial trigger points).

• Digestive disturbances like slowed digestion, diarrhea, recurrent abdominal pain and gas, nausea,

• Severe recurrent headache that is due to myofascial trigger points in the neck, shoulder and head muscles.

• Balance problems like altered form of walk and falling down simply.

This cannot be identified by routine lab tests. Physical examination by application of light pressure at specific tender points diagnoses the disease. This type of examination is of course simple but very painful for the patient.

The major difference between tender and trigger points is, tender points by pressing feel pain only in that area, where as pressing a trigger point causes hurt and fires pain in other regions also.

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What to eat for lunch? Are sandwiches healthy? Of course, sandwiches are healthy but only if you prepare in a proper method. Adding more cheese, and butter to sandwich will increase your fat and calories. Apart from the routine sandwich’s lunch, here are some of the best recipes that can be taken as light lunches where each recipe is low fat containing and weight losing. These recipes are not only easy to prepare but also delicious, stomach feeling, and gives you a slim body.

It is a rationalized variety of northern Italian idea. This recipe is easy to prepare, and really a delicious lunch.

Mix in a bowl drained tuna, cherry tomatoes, sliced scallions (4), lemon juice (two spoons), small white beans, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and then stir gently. Keep this in the refrigerator until you serve.

Bake the bread (1 cup, cubed whole-wheat country bread) until golden brown with little olive oil (two spoons) in a preheated oven of about 250 degrees F. Next in a bowl, to one shredded tomato add mayonnaise (3tb), scallion greens (2tb), garlic powder (1/4teaspoon), distilled white vinegar (2teaspoon) and pepper and then beat to combine.

Cut and Add 3 more tomatoes, chopped romaine (5 cups) and croutons to the above bowl. Coat it with toasted bread and then finally sprinkle with three slices of cooked and crushed bacon.

Bake the descended, and halved one yellow and one red pepper in a preheated oven around 200c. In a baking dish place, the pepper cut side up and on the top sprinkle with red onions, sliced courgette and then roast for 15 minutes. Mean time boil, the quinoa until the grain splits, along with thyme and rosemary in a pot containing boiling water. Spread 1 tab of pine nuts on pepper and again roast for 10-15 minutes. Remove the dish and serve with quinoa to the unfilled pepper halves.

If you don’t have time to prepare, buy this readymade heat and eat foods, and carry it to your office along with some veggies. You can easily heat and eat these foods. List of calories in these suggested readymade heat and heat foods is as follows.

• Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers, Chicken Pesto Classico and

• Amy’s Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada

What is Uterine Ablation or Endometrial Ablation?

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Endometrial ablation or Uterine Ablation is a type of treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding. It is only done in a woman who is non-pregnant and who does not want to be pregnant further. In simple words, it is a surgical destruction of the endometrium (lining cells of uterus).

If the medical and hormonal therapies cannot control this benign condition (bleeding), then only this type of treatment is considered. It should not be performed if a woman is suffering from genital tract infections. This is an alternative procedure for hysterectomy. After this surgery, women will have been normal to light menstrual bleeding or sometimes no bleeding at all. However, endometrium has regenerative properties. So heavy bleeding may repeat in between, in such cases further surgery is needed.

In the uterus there won’t be any place for growing fetus to attach after this surgery. However, this procedure cannot control the birth. So some other birth-control method to be used in order to avoid pregnancy, otherwise placenta accreta may occur, which is very problematic.

There are different methods to perform uterine ablation listed below:

This procedure may take about 45 minutes to complete after giving local or spinal anesthesia. It is mostly painless or less pain, so you can immediately go home with in few hours of surgery. Nevertheless, Recovery time may vary. There will be watery discharge or bleeding from the vagina, which is very normal after the surgery for several weeks.

What are the risks associated with this type of surgery?

This procedure sometimes may show serious complications like:

• Pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs)

• Damage to the opening of the uterus

How To Help Someone With Depression?

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First of all, let us know about what is a depression. Depression is nothing but fed up or feeling insistently sad or unhappy. This is not at all a sign of weakness. Depression may last for few weeks, or sometimes months. Now it’s a question for you. How can one determine that a person is suffering from depression or not?

Scroll down and check out the whole article and get to know how to determine if some are in depression or not.

There is no particular cause for the depression, but many causes make a person to go into depression. Well, there are broad varieties of symptoms seen in depressed people, but remember that they vary in between people based on the severity. The general symptoms that are seen in most of the people are as follows.

• feeling worried or anxious or tearful

• Paying no interest in belongings or things

• Feeling like to harm themselves or thoughts for suicide

• Moving slowly or speaking very dull than normal.

• Increase or decrease in appetite or weight

Mild depression has a very little effect on your regular life. Moderate depression shows the substantial impact on everyday life. Severe depression almost makes difficult to get over into your daily life. Sometimes in fewer severely depressed people psychotic symptoms may also be seen!

First of all, try to notice the acts or signs they make for a suicide attempt—like writing a will, talking more about death, etc. call a doctor or call to 911 immediately if you notice such warnings or signs or abnormal behavior.

Set the person’s mind to visit a doctor or health professional and also help him to use the medicines regularly. Better to know the side effects of those medicines by you so that you can call doctor or can take the person immediately to doctor if any problem arouses.

Never make a depressed person to feel alone. Support by listening or paying attention to the person when he feels like to talk with you.

Don’t try to give advices to a depressed person, simply tells the person to keep hope and everything will go fine.

Ask the person to do or share some normal works of you, like house hold work, gardening, or taking him to a walk, movie and so on. However, never put pressure on him if he doesn’t like to do.

Never ever get angry or at no time take into mind with the words of sad people as nothing is in their control until they come out of depression. So love them and care them as much as you can and this helps them to recover as soon as possible.

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Infectious Mononucleosis a very common contagious infection which is also called as mono, or glandular fever or kissing disease, caused by Epstein-Barr virus that belongs to the herpes virus family. Compared to other WBC, a relative increase in lymphocytes as a result of this infection can be seen in blood of the infected person. It is most commonly observed in teenagers and young adults and sometimes in children. It’s important to know the symptoms, though prevention of the infection is a bit difficult because of the repetitive reactivation of the virus, the symptoms of the infection cannot be noticeable in the early stage.

• sometimes edema on upper eye lids which is impermanent.

The infection is spread mostly by saliva (and so the name kissing disease), and person-to-person contact. Even inhalation of droplets in the air that comes from coughs or sneezes from infected persons, and Partaking of food or beverages. It occurs usually with an incubation period of four to eight weeks.

Blood test is the diagnosis test done for confirmation of mono where an abnormality in the liver function is checked. Furthermore, there is a specific test like Monospot and Heterophile antibody tests that exactly confirms the infection.

Fact is that when the majority of the people reach middle age, their immune system develops antibodies to abolish the foreign bacteria and viruses and so the same applies for EBV too. This is the reason why no noticeable symptoms can be seen in most of the infected people. When comes to infected children, there are chances of nearly 10% to become sick.

To relieve severe sore throat, which is the major troubling symptom in this infection, salt water gargled is the best treatment and taking rest, one can do instead of going to a doctor. Giving Tylenol also helps to reduce sore throat, fever, body pains, etc. Taking aspirin is not suggested as it creates other complications. And for fever and other body pain’s ibuprofen, is also suggested. Prednisone, works for enlarged tonsils, pharyngeal pain, and odynophagia.

Drugs like Ampicillin and amoxicillin should be avoided as it may cause rashes. Penicillin or erythromycin is best treated medications for sore throat.

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